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My story started when I was around 3 years old.  At that age, I wanted to kiss every dog who crossed my path. After a bite to my face and 17 stitches later, absolutely nothing changed.  Throughout my childhood, I literally kissed every dog I met. 


My dad brought home dogs, bunnies, ducks, turtles, and paid for the ponies we wanted.  My mom taught us what it means to love all creatures, nature, and gardening.  My grandfather hauled my horse and I to play days and gave me a first hand experience on what farm life really meant.  It was all about the animals for me.  When I was 10, he gave me a baby calf with special needs.  He was my first farm animal rescue!   

David and I settled in Georgetown Texas in late 2017.  We found 12 acres just perfect for raising animals and enjoying the views and wide open spaces.  Together, we've built our own little homestead.  We have chosen this life, and this life has chosen us.    


From 2017 to 2023, we've grown from 4 pets and 3 horses to 30 animals and a bee yard.  Wild birds are abundant and we continue to open the doors for more animals. 


The idea of Big Love Sanctuary became important when we realized some of the animals with us today will likely outlive us.  Considering options for ensuring a they will be taken care of for life, a sanctuary was the most desirable option.  What was a very important personal decision, became a very real solution.  Big Love Sanctuary has been established so we can better serve the animals in our care and the animals we know are yet to come.  

A key component to the sanctuary will be to provide short term care or a forever home to animals where owners just need a little help due to financial hardship, moving, or other unforeseen circumstance.  We know the emotional loss can be much less traumatic when you know you've placed your pet in good hands, even if just a short while.

We will strive to create an organization through Big Love Sanctuary so there will be enough resources, space and a team to help provide home to as many animals as possible.  The ultimate goal is to ensure every animal that comes to the sanctuary and in need of re-homing, is ensured a home for life.  A sanctuary that provides love, care, and attention is what Big Love Sanctuary is all about. 

Our needs are simple.  We need leadership and a team of volunteers to be a part of Big Love Sanctuary.  We need contributions, supplies and feed and ultimately more space.   Any help, big or small, your time or your resources will help the animals of Big Love Sanctuary, today, tomorrow and for their lifetime.  

Thank you in advance for your support!

Susan Bowles, Co-Founder and Animal Lover

Susan and David Bowles

Susan and David Bowles

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