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Meet Buster, our Big Love Sanctuary poster child!  Buster arrived on February 17, 2023 when temperatures were below freezing at night.  He entered the property as a skinny, timid, starving and freezing young dog.  We did what any animal lover would do and that is feed him, give him a warm bed, and some much needed attention.  His frost bitten ears and his skinny little body suggests he was out and alone for awhile.  

Our intention to foster this fellow until he was ready to find his forever home, quickly became a foster fail on our part.  He's the newest addition to the Big Love Sanctuary Family.  His friendly funny personality makes having him around that much more entertaining.  


Buster is a smart, happy, high energy dog.  He loves people, animals, and especially kids but he sometimes shows caution when strangers approach.  Once he warms up, his high energy and excitement is something we are working on.  Buster's favorite activities are taking early morning walks, playing fetch, and learning new tricks. He enjoys free roam of the yard and occupies our home just like family.  


Buster is very intelligent and responds quickly to training and commands.  He enjoys companionship, love, and attention.  He is a social creature and has thrived in an environment with lots of other dogs and animals to socialize with.    


Buster is in need of a professional trainer and someone who might spend time on agility training.  If you would like to volunteer a little of your time with Buster, please visit our volunteer page to apply. 

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