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Chief is our golden child.  He's alpha with the other horses.  He's movie star gorgeous.  He's innocent, kind, and fun to hang out with. 


Chief was born in 1998.  He spent the first three years of his life with his breeder/trainer.  He was bred halter.. imagine that.  His first owner was a girl named Emily who had a dream of owning her own horse.  She was 13.  The two of them spent hours upon hours together and formed a very strong and special bond.  The ground manners Chief learned from Emily have stuck with him to this day.  

When Emily graduated high school, she and her family decided it was important he be rehomed.  Chief came to me as an 8 year old full of spunk!  He quickly became my go to for trail riding.  

In 2011, Chief went to live with a family in need of horses for their grand children.  He had a new girl to bond with.  Her name was Kayla.  Together, they trained and competed in horseback Archery.  After returning, he made it very clear, his riding days were over.  Chief is now retired.  He enjoys grazing, time with his herd, and just being a horse.  

Chief began as my personal riding horse and through the years, has evolved to one lucky guy who will enjoy living his remaining years with all his friends at Big Love Sanctuary.        

If you would like to make an appointment to meet Chief face to face, please Contact us for details and scheduling.

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