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Hank was re-homed to us when his family moved and his enclosure requirements were an issue during the transition.  He is a big guy, weighing in at almost 80 lbs.  A Sulcada tortoise can live to be over 100 years old and weighing in at more than 100 lbs.  


Hank is curious, adventurous, and friendly.  He likes people, dogs and all the farm animals.  His enclosure must be secure enough to keep him contained since it's common for a large tortoise to push on their enclosure walls and escape.  His yard also needs to be large enough so he can roam and graze.  He requires fresh water, shade, and a large tortoise den.  

Hank eats about 5 heads of lettuce and about 5-10 lbs of fruits and veggies each week.  He also grazes and enjoys grass and weeds every day.  

Hank's den is made of cinder blocks and dirt.  During winter months, heat lamps help keep his house temperature above 70 degrees.   

If you would like to make an appointment to meet Hank face to face, please Contact us for details and scheduling. 

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