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our mission

Big Love Sanctuary is a place for animals and learning.  We are dedicated to every animal who joins the Big Love Sanctuary Family and are committed to providing them a home for life.  We are also committed to providing a place for hands on learning through guided tours, learning pod spaces, and workshops.


Here are a few things needed for the sanctuary animals.

Feed and Nutrition
food and nutrition

food and nutrition 

This is a visual of what's required to maintain the feed and nutrition needs of equine, dogs, cats, chickens, alpaca, birds and rabbits.

Each month, we feed our farm animals approx 20 bags of feed and 2000 lbs of hay,  Combined with all the other animals, the food and nutrition requirements are the largest ongoing sanctuary expense.


shelters and enclosures

Shelter from the freezing rain and scorching sun are essential to all animals.  Enclosures provide a safe environment.  Each species require their own specific guideline for a safe and healthy environment.  A horse and tortoise for example, require two entirely different enclosures.  

Basic Care
basic care

basic care requirements

Some of the basic needs include farrier, shearing, grooming and teeth floating.  De-wormer, topical ointment, vet wrap and also essential. 

Emotional Enrichment

emotional enrichment

Whether it's bonding with a bunny, taking time with a horse, petting a dog or just observing animals and wildlife in their habitat, it's part of the emotional enrichment we share here at Big Love Sanctuary.

Sienna and Oreo
Med Care
medical care

medical care

Emergency Vet care doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's usually expensive and the healing process can take months.  Here, Chief and Turk spent time receiving emergency vet care.  

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