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Oreo's story for us began when he joined our BLS family.  The day we met Oreo was the day I saw a post on social media about a bunny who had been found and efforts were being made to find his family.  He was staying in a small dog crate and the family was urgent to find someone to take him until the owners were found.  

Posting in all the social media platforms didn't help reunite him.  We vowed to offer him a forever home if no one came forward.  

How did he get his name?  The family who brought him to us named him Oreo.  The little girl, about 6 years old, told us she wanted to call him Oreo. He's sweet, easy to handle, enjoys outdoor play time on his leash or in the garden and brilliantly uses a litter box.  Cute Oreo!

If you would like to make an appointment to meet Oreo face to face, please Contact us for details and scheduling.

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