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Background Check Required Information


1. Background checks are conducted by Sterling Volunteers, a national leader in background checks for both employment and volunteer work.

2. Big Love Sanctuary has contracted with Sterling Volunteers for the Basic Criminal History Record Locator Search. It ONLY includes Government Watch List Search (OFAC), DOJ Sex Offender Search, and National Criminal History Search. It also includes monthly monitoring for a year of the national criminal history search and sex offender registry.

     a. Note. A volunteer must agree to the consent form before the background check can be conducted. There is a standard consent that Sterling Volunteers uses for all background check packages. The consent indicates that the report may include credit reports, educational information, and additional background information. Big Love Sanctuary DOES NOT see that type of information. Only the searches listed above in the Basic Criminal History Record Locator Search are shared with Big Love Sanctuary. 

     b. Volunteers are able to log into their Sterling Volunteers' account at any time to see their information. Big Love Sanctuary is provided the same report that a volunteer can view on their profile by clicking on the “badge” located in the My Organizations section on their Sterling Volunteers account profile.

3. Sterling Volunteers’ online form will collect the private, personal information for the background check. It will not be stored in Big Love Sanctuary database.  Screening will begin immediately once the form is submitted.


4. The information required for the background check includes: first, middle, and last names; suffix; date of birth; social security number; gender; phone number; email address; address and how long the applicant has lived at that address; and the consent.


5. If a volunteer has previously had a background check conducted by Sterling Volunteers that is still valid, the volunteer may “share” their background check with Big Love Sanctuary through the Sterling Volunteers platform.


6. Go to the website:

     a. Login with your existing Sterling Volunteer credentials.

     b. In the bottom right corner, under the My Screening Checklist, click the orange text, “Find organizations and share my background check.”

     c. In the Filter section, type the zip code 78633 (Georgetown)

     d. In the Organization Name section, type Big Love Sanctuary. Click the orange Search button.

     f. In your search results, you should find Big Love Sanctuary with the email address of, phone number 512-749-7802 or 888-276-3015, and the city of Georgetown.

     g. Click the Share Screening button. You will only be able to share your background check if it is still current.

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